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Tekstvak: We have succeeded in buying the first 25 hectares of rainforest through private investment. Now, we need your help to buy and maintain more pieces of the jungle. Your contribution would be instrumental in the effort to preserve biodiversity  in Nicaragua. Contributions will be used only for the goals set by NicaNature and will be spent exclusively on the costs incurred for the protection and preservation of nature, the purchase of land and additional costs relating to this, and on social projects that will contribute to the protection of biodiversity of the area. 
Contributing to NicaNature and its goals can be done in several ways: 

•	You can donate a one-time, monthly or annual fee to the Foundation. 
•		You can purchase a piece of land in the area through the Foundation 			that will subsequently be managed by NicaNature.
For more information, 
please contact us by calling at number 0031 (0) 6 51 00 32 17 or send us an email by clicking on the Contact button. 
Foundation NicaNature
Bank account number: 51 70 52 849
Bank:ABN AMRO Bank NV (The Netherlands)

IBAN: 	NL81 ABNA 0517 0528 49
Foundation NicaNature is registered at the Chamber of Commerce 
(The Netherlands): number: 01131974

NicaNature - ToucanNicaNature - Sloth

N i c a n a t u r e

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A sloth: its territory exists  of only a couple of trees where they spend their entire lives.

A Keel Billed Toucan.

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