We mean to undertake trips to Nicaragua on a yearly basis, each year buying additional areas of rainforest. We will try to achieve this both through private means (by investing our personal capital) and through NicaNature. Once a respected area has been bought, we can then ensure that the rainforest is not disrupted. By collaborating with the guardabosques (forest guards) and the army (they patrol the border to Costa Rica), illegal activities will be noticed beforehand. For compliance with the law a good relationship with the local administrators and police will be established.



We see it as inappropriate for foreigners in a developing country to buy a large area of land without giving the local population the opportunity to benefit. Because we absolutely cannot allow lumbering, hunting or agricultural activities in the area, we will follow the example set by Costa Rica, by developing small scale eco-tourism. There are various ways in which the local people can benefit from this venture.

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An Orchid: world's  smallest and extremely rare orchid species can be found in Nicaragua.

In Indio Maiz exists a  population of Baird’s Tapir. This fascinating animal produces high whistles to communicate.

NicaNature - TapirNicaNature - Orchid