The  Neotropical River otter often presents itself in the rivers running through the reserve.

Goal & vision



The largest area of rainforest north of the Amazon is located in Nicaragua. Unfortunately, Nicaragua is being deforested at a very high rate, ten times faster than Brazil. The purpose of NicaNature is simply to secure as much of the rainforest as possible and to ensure that it is preserved. NicaNature principally selects areas bordering to parts of the jungle that are already protected. This way fragmentation of the forest, which greatly reduces chances of survival for both plant and animal populations, can be avoided. NicaNature aims to preserve biodiversity by expanding nature reserves, while creating support within the local population. To summarize, NicaNature’s goal is the conservation of existing biodiversity by purchasing threatened pieces of rainforest, thereby extending or stabilizing the habitat. At the same time we want to create a basis among the local people so that, after the rainforest is purchased, its sustainability  will be increased.



NicaNature focuses on the protection of entire ecosystems through the purchase of sections of tropical jungle. This cannot be realized by buying  small isolated areas; the selected areas must be connected to a larger existing rainforest. We are well aware that many local residents are dependent on or use the rainforest for their existence. Locals use trees for firewood, fell trees for agricultural purposes  and hunt endangered species for food. By offering alternative ways for these people to make a living, NicaNature attempts to protect the jungle while at the same time bettering the lives of the local population.





NicaNature - HibiscusNicaNature - Otter

Hibiscus: products against boldness and dandruff are produced from this species.

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