Founded in 2008, NicaNature focuses on nature conservation in Nicaragua. In spite of its short existence, it has already  had its first results: NicaNature has bought 236,5 hectares of primary lowland rainforest in the south-eastern part of Nicaragua. The philosophy behind our foundation is not to preserve one or two species, but to make sure that large areas of pristine forest are preserved, and to thereby protect the eco-systems functioning within it. This way innumerable animal and plant species will eventually benefit from our conservation efforts.




It is common knowledge that rainforests all over the world are under constant threat. In fact, rainforests are being destroyed at an incredible rate. Instead of taking part in the debate on how to solve this problem, NicaNature has decided to take concrete measures. We are now buying sections of undamaged rainforest and turning these into nature reserves. Our primary focus in this process is to take action. Secondly, we focus on complete eco-systems that have remained relatively untouched. Finally and importantly, we strongly seek the support of the local people in order to ensure sustainability of the nature reserves.

NicaNature - Flower

One of the various flowers at the river San Juan.

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The establishment of foundation NicaNature has been made possible by: Notary office

Mr. H. Huitsing

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NicaNature - Frog

The Ghost glass frog: even its bones are green